Adam C. Dunn

About Adam C. Dunn

Adam C. Dunn is a graduate of the Emory University School of Law and Brigham Young University. He has also pursued doctoral studies at the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  While at Georgia Tech, he assisted in research projects involving public-private partnerships in transportation and education. He has previously worked as an Adjunct Professor at the Udvar-Hazy School of Business at Dixie State College where he taught statistics.

In addition to his experience in private legal practice, he has worked in government and as a management consultant.  He has started numerous successful businesses including his own consultancy firm.  He has provided consulting services to a wide variety of clients in numerous industries involving government contracting, regulation, contract management and policy.  His varying experience in business and with government has uniquely qualified him to view legal issues and situations through many different lenses and allows him to provide significant benefit to his legal clients.

Much of his life has been shaped by experiences he had when he lived in Romania for two years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  While there he served the Romanian people in hospitals and orphanages.  He witnessed abject poverty, sorrow, and tremendous suffering.  Since returning from Romania, he has dedicated time, means, and energy to serve those in need of assistance or otherwise suffering.  Currently he is serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dixie Care & Share, a local charity that serves our less fortunate neighbors as a pantry and shelter, among other things.

His area of legal practice focuses on complex business litigation, civil litigation involving the government and private citizens and businesses, business mediation, securities, and business structuring.

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