General Time Frame of Business Litigation

While no businessperson wants to hear “it depends” when they ask how long, and subsequently how expensive, their civil litigation will be, making this estimate really is a case-by-case scenario. An experienced Utah business litigation attorney can review your particular case and make a more accurate estimate, but there are a number of more difficult-to-predict…


Responsibilities of the Personal Representative in Utah

When you’re putting together an estate plan, one detail you’ll have to consider is who will be responsible for executing your wishes after your death. This person has a number of responsibilities that they must handle and decisions to make, even if they have professional assistance. Who Can be a Personal Representative Many people choose…


Serving Southern Utah

The Dunn Law Firm has been serving the Southern Utah residents for the last 33 years. Dunn Law Firm is founded on principles of honesty, ethical values and a sincere concern for the clients we represent. If you are in need of legal assistance give us a call.

Protecting Your Interests

We provide our clients with cost-effective, result-oriented, legal representation of the very highest caliber. We provide our clients with the most appropriate legal structure to accomplish their goals while taking into consideration tax consequences, reduction of liability and real world consequences. Our wide range of experience and backgrounds gives us the ability to provide customized…